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Shift-Left Testing

Continuously test throughout the development lifecycle

Waiting to run end-to-end tests until the end of the development lifecycle is expensive and inefficient. Run automated tests to identify bugs before PRs are merged.

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Prevent regressions from getting to your main repo

Integrate Waldo into your version control and run smoke tests on PRs to catch and fix bugs before merging code to your main repo.

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Speed up your development cycles with efficient testing

From PRs to nightly builds to pre production releases, you can run different test suites throughout the software development lifecycle

Implement a testing strategy that scales

As you move towards production, your testing coverage needs change. Rules enables you to run the right tests on the right devices depending on where you are in the SLDC.

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While an engineer is still in the same headspace of writing a feature, if they see a bug in the code that they've written, they're able to immediately fix that before it even gets to our manual QA team

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