Scriptless Test Automation

Implement automated end‑to‑end testing without the hassle of scripting

End-to-end test creation and maintenance should not be difficult. Our fully integrated solution is built for stability and easy use.
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Automated testing without a line of scripting

Our adaptive automation engine learns how to replay tests based on previous successful runs. Navigate through user flows without generating any scripts and get back to doing what you love—building new features!

Continuous testing to cover critical user flows

From PRs to nightly builds to pre production releases, you can run different test suites throughout the software development lifecycle for efficient testing.

A user friendly interface for sharing test results

Your entire development team can replay a test to identify and fix regressions. Everyone sees the same thing making it easy to reproduce errors and move to resolution.

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The last thing I wanted to do was burden my engineering team with more work, and I knew that Waldo would give us what we needed without us having to put too much effort in.

Jeff Silver
Co-Founder & VP of Engineering @ Opus
Leading mobile app makers trust Waldo
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Frequently asked questions

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What is scriptless test automation?

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How is scriptless test automation used?

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What’s the difference between scriptless and codeless test automation?

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