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The results you need to debug with precision and speed

Web developer tools for mobile has arrived. Test Replays provide full video playback of your user flow, relevant logs, and infrastructure details so you can debug faster.

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Track signals

Reliably identify and highlight issues discovered in user flows

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Share results

Eliminate common communication bottlenecks with bug reproduction.

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Identify root causes

Identify root causes quickly with video, network calls, and logs.

A Replay timeline in Waldo with annotations and device interactions

Track every interaction as you move through your build

Reproducing issues can be a pain. Waldo records every step, interaction, screen displayed, along with the backend data required to address and replay any issues you may discover.

  • Total visibility, even for bugs that are difficult to reproduce (rare race conditions, temporary instability issues, etc.)

  • Full playback with the accompanying logs so you don’t have to recreate issues manually

  • Never miss a step when reproducing an error

Everything your team needs to debug a build, fast.

Waldo provides all of the context required to actually begin addressing issues as soon as they are flagged in a test. No manual recreation required, no messages back and forth to collect test condition details.

  • Easily share a Replay in JIRA to provide every detail required to address issues quickly

  • Step by step views to see everything leading up to the bug discovery

  • Branch, build, device type, OS version, language, etc. all automatically collected and documented in the Replay

Network Requests that come through while using Waldo Sessions
List of replays in Waldo on different builds

Easily share new features or discovered bugs with your team.

Share Replays with any member of your organization for review. Show off a new feature in action, or provide them with a step by step view of your bug discovery process.

  • Socialize new builds quickly so the team can interact with new features

  • Highlight portions of a Replay for review to save time when debugging

  • Enhance communication throughout the development process

Trusted by leading iOS and Android developers
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Waldo has helped us ship faster and with more confidence. We’ve caught bugs that would've gone out to production if we didn't have Waldo in place.

Jeff Silver
Co-Founder & VP of Engineering @ Opus
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