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Reproduce. Capture. Share.

Waldo Sessions helps mobile teams reproduce bugs, while compiling detailed bug reports in real time.
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The all-in-one tool to debug your mobile app

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Waldo Sessions is free for all

Use Waldo Sessions with your whole team. Quickly start a manual Session to interact with your app and share the Replay with your teammates!


No contract, no credit card required!
$0 per month
100 minutes/month of Sessions time
Unlimited user seats
CI & CLI integrations
GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket Integration
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Frequently asked questions

If you have any other questions - please get in touch!
What frameworks do you support?
Waldo supports most leading frameworks, native or hybrid, including: 
- React native
- Expo
- Ionic
- Flutter
- Swift 
- SwiftUI
- Objective-C
- Android Compose
What CI tools do you integrate with?
We can integrate with most CI providers, and have instructions for custom uploads available as well. CI tools we have supported for customers include:
- App Center
- Bitrise
- Circle CI
- Fastlane 
- GitHub Actions
- Travis CI
- Xcode Cloud
- Waldo CLI
Who can access my Session Replays?
We protect your privacy by ensuring that only users with Waldo accounts tied to your organization can access the Replay. Team members that you share the Replay with can create a (free) account on Waldo and access the Replay.
What type of build file should I upload for a Session?
Check out this article walking you through build file requirements.
I was looking for automated mobile testing…am I in the right place?
Yes, Waldo is a mobile testing platform that has both automated and manual testing solutions. For more on our automated testing features, you can view our documentation or request a personalized demo of the platform.

Loved by Developers

Join hundreds of builders using Waldo to develop the best apps.
I'm in love with @UseWaldo such a great integration for every pull request
We have been using @UseWaldo Sessions with one of our designers and has been incredible!
We use @UseWaldo for QA but it’s now 100% part of my PM stack - live analytics in Waldo > @Amplitude_HQ events tracking by far.
@UseWaldo ’s technology is unlike any other that we have used before.
I think @UseWaldo represents a much needed step change in the capabilities of mobile testing.
Sessions, another great product for mobile teams crafted by the amazing team @UseWaldo!

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