Create and maintain reliable mobile tests

Waldo’s Test Builder makes it easier than ever to create and maintain fully automated testing flows just by clicking through your build.

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Move through your build like an end user.

Waldo will record this as a baseline, and compare later test runs to this reference flow. All you have to do is interact with the app like an end user would.

Give Waldo instructions to navigate the user flow.

Waldo will analyze the structure of each screen in your flow, learning the positioning of every present element from this baseline recording. Assertions can be added to each step later to tell Waldo what you want to verify within the test.

Support for advanced features and complex user flows.

Tap, scroll, swipe, type, use Apple Pay, interact with simulated camera elements, and even program randomized variables for use across different tests.

Update and share tests across teams instantly.

Re-record for specific device configurations without impacting other tests, update your baseline, and more. Your changes can be quickly shared with your entire team.

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I’ve been building iOS apps for a long time and it’s been difficult finding a way to build automated E2E tests. Waldo is definitely the most exciting automated testing tool I have ever seen for the iOS platform.

Rob Busack
iOS Engineer @ Ethos
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