Prevent regressions on core flows

Receive immediate feedback on your branch to catch bugs before they are merged.

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Easy test maintenance

Distribute tests through version control so everyone has the latest

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Maintain in parallel

Add and adjust tests without creating merge conflicts

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Impactful smoke tests

Test on every PR to make sure user flows never break in your app

Speed up your development lifecycle. Bugs that are caught early are fixed the fastest.

We have your back. Catch regressions on your critical user flows on every PR.

Improve the quality of the builds sent to your QA team by catching bugs earlier.

Trusted by leading iOS and Android developers
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While an engineer is still in the same headspace of writing a feature, if they see a bug in the code that they've written, they're able to immediately fix that before it even gets to our manual QA team.

James Graham
CTO @ AllTrails
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