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Catch bugs early in your development process

Prevent regressions from impacting your core flows by receiving early feedback.

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Easily identify builds

Waldo attaches all the proper branch details to your builds.

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Maintain in parallel

Work on tests without creating merge conflicts that impact the rest of your team.

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Test pull requests

Test on every PR to make sure core user flows never break in your app.

Test early and often to eliminate regressions.

Use our Pipeline Gatekeeper to test every pull request, ensuring bugs are caught during development, not after release. Set testing triggers that automate regular runs on your build.

Test with intentionality to deliver precise results.

Not all tests need to be run on all builds. Be prescriptive about where a test is run, on what builds, and how often to ensure actionable, productive results as you move towards release.

Reserve manual QA for edge cases.

Increase the frequency of your testing runs without increasing the time it takes to test, and automate standard runs to focus QA resources on your edge cases.

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While an engineer is still in the same headspace of writing a feature, if they see a bug in the code that they've written, they're able to immediately fix that before it even gets to our manual QA team.

James Graham
CTO @ AllTrails
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