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Flakiness Detection

Eliminate flaky tests from your suite

Waldo’s replay engine is built to handle dynamic content in your tests. This means tests that aren’t prone to break, vary in load time, or provide inconsistent results.

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Automatic detection

Stress test your app to check for conflicting outcomes

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Like a real phone

Visual cues create the expected behavior, not scripts

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Results you can trust

Get feedback on test reliability so you can trust the results

Start eliminating flakiness as you build.

Waldo requires a validation run for each new test you build: running it multiple times in quick succession to detect flaky results. Only after your test has passed validation do we allow you to save and run it on builds in the platform.

Define and control the key elements of your test.

Using a combination of interactions and assertions, you tell Waldo what is most important to your test. Make sure each test provides valuable and reliable information with every run. 

Thorough tests that are completed fast.

Waldo allows you to run your tests across multiple device configurations simultaneously, to ensure that the test covers all user experiences without taking hours to get results.

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The number of bugs that slip through the cracks is drastically lower. Day and night for us.

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