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Test Case Management

Bring transparency to your mobile testing

Share results across your team so everyone has visibility into testing and can collaborate to find and solve regressions.

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Easily analyze test runs with an intuitive dashboard

Review which branches caused a regression and understand the evolution of your code's health by reviewing historical test results over time.

Improved collaboration between QA teams and engineering

Quality assurance is a shared responsibility but teams struggle to analyze the same results. With Waldo, everyone sees the same thing making it easy to reproduce errors and move to resolution.

Streamline your testing activities for efficient results

By catching regressions earlier, QA will receive higher quality builds, allowing them to focus on more complex functionality that’s difficult to cover with automated tests.

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We run our full suite which gives our engineers more time to work on building new features or improving existing ones.

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Frequently asked questions

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Why is test case management important?

Bug tracking can be very difficult without the proper test case management tool. Mistakes in software testing and shipping happen when:

1. You have no visibility into what tests have been performed
2. You don’t know what the results of those tests are

This can result in a lack of confidence in the quality of your application. Test case management software helps those responsible for executing, documenting, and communicating the results of the tests execute the right tests at various points in development lifecycles.

What is a test management tool used for?

Test management tools are used for mobile software development to manage your test scripts and help you execute your testing plans. This ensures that you always have a clear record of tests that have been performed, and the outcome of each test.

With Waldo, you can run automatic tests that trigger at different stages in the software development lifecycle. After your tests run, Waldo will provide you a history of all your test results so you can review and analyze the health of your application code over time.

How is test management used by QA?

Several stakeholders benefit from having software that helps manage the testing process.

  • Quality Assurance
  • Engineering
  • Product and Engineering Leadership

These teams can use test management tools to improve communication and documentation during the testing process.

QA: these tools help QA teams communicate regressions that occur while testing new builds quickly, so engineers can address them during planned work. Users are also able to do issue tracking from the test management solution to improve the discovery process for bug fixes.

Engineering: testing often happens at the end of all your hard work, meaning any issues you find require additional work tacked onto everything you have already completed. Test management tools (especially those that can deliver a continuous testing model for end-to-end, functional, and UI tests) highlight issues during development: allowing you to fix mistakes in-cycle while you build.

Product and Engineering Leadership: you have deadlines, and you have quality standards. Test management tools help you adhere to both while saving you time, money, and headaches. Improve internal confidence in the work you ship, proactively catch bugs or errors, and keep work appropriately scoped for your development team so that the roadmap stays on track.