Test Suite Organization

Organize your tests for efficient results

Complex testing suites lead to long run times that slow you down. Increase test coverage and reduce run times with proper test organization.

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Organizing test suites, made easy

Test folders allow you to have well organized tests, making it easy to modularize and execute them.

Minimize the number of tests needed for coverage

Execute the same test across numerous devices, operating systems, and languages at once. Executing your test suite on many devices in parallel has never been so easy.

Test critical functionality without touching a button

Integrate Waldo directly with your CI to run automated end-to-end tests to catch regressions during development.

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Our engineers are more confident now that we’re using Waldo. They can focus on creating new features and making improvements because they have Waldo as backup to ensure credibility, stability and scalability.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is a test suite?

A test suite is a series or set of test cases you have built to test your mobile application. Typically, these individual tests cover a wide range or use cases from basic to more advanced.

How do you build a test suite?

A test suite is built one test at a time. Build out the test you want to run, outline the dependencies inherent to the test, and continue to iteratively add to your collection over time.

What are the benefits of organizing test suites?

Having an organized testing suite:

  • improves visibility into the tests available and any potential gaps
  • sets expectations on thorough testing to be done prior to release
  • illustrates the relationship between tests when they are grouped together

How do you organize test cases?

How you organize test cases is largely up to you and your team. You can organize based on:

  • Test type
  • Test function or intent
  • Test by feature or app component
  • Test complexity

For example: you could organize all the tests regarding functionality in your checkout flow in a single folder.
Or: you could group all your smoke tests together in a single place.