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Konfio uses automated testing to build and scale its mobile platform

Konfio, a tech unicorn that provides payment and financial services across Mexico, started out as a web-based service. When Dinorah Tovar joined the company, she soon found that the mobile team needed a way to make changes quickly—while maintaining Konfio’s reputation for high quality. Read below to find out how Waldo helped.

Waldo is like a friend who has our backs, telling us, ‘You're not breaking anything.

Dinorah Tovar
Head of Mobile

The Challenge

Complex manual testing slows down the mobile engineering team

As a financial services app, Tovar knew that consumer trust was the key to high adoption rate on the mobile site. That meant that shipping with bugs was simply not an option, however, delaying releases was not an option either. 

With no QA team, the mobile engineers at Konfio were responsible for all of their own testing, and asking them to split time between testing and building was making it nearly impossible to achieve both stated goals, and resulted in gaps in coverage.

“We needed a robust testing strategy to help us have credibility and scalability,” Tovar said, “so we wouldn’t lose customers but we could also test and try new things.”

The Solution

Moving fast while building credibility and scalability

Tovar set out to simplify the way the mobile team did its testing, with the goal of ensuring that all critical flows were always working, while not demanding more time from the engineers. 

Waldo offered them not only a quick path to automation, but an extremely low maintenance burden. Making updates to tests in Waldo is as simple as point and click, meaning engineers can come in and create tests or edit existing ones in minutes. This allowed the team to quickly build out their suite, and move more and more test cases into Waldo knowing that they would be easy to maintain long term. 

Now, Konfio uses Waldo to run a health check every morning at 7:00 a.m that consists of hundreds of test scenarios, across both iOS and Android, covering a majority of their app. The engineers then fix any issues Waldo has found and implement new changes. At the end of the day, the engineers run Waldo again before pushing a new version to all mobile stakeholders. 

Integrating Waldo into their development lifecycle allowed them to test more often, earlier in development, with less resources required to do so. 

“Waldo has been really, really great for making sure that, especially when you are doing a small change, you don't affect any other changes,” Tovar said, “If everything is running in Waldo, it means we’re fine.”

An additional benefit of Waldo is that your test results are clear. Before, if a test was broken, the team would have to invest time in finding out why before they could begin to spend time fixing the actual issue.

With Waldo, the team benefits from extremely clear results that allow them to quickly isolate the issue, make the required fix, and rerun their suite. This allows engineers to continue moving quickly without putting the quality of the app at risk.

The Result

Confidence and peace of mind with issues caught in real-time

Now, Konfio can verify daily changes in only 30 minutes. 

“The quality of the mobile application has increased considerably now that we have a testing strategy that’s focused on doing integration tests with Waldo,” Tovar said. “If something is broken, we probably know even before the alarm goes off.”

Waldo has now spread beyond the mobile engineering team at Konfio. When the company brought on a QA team, Tovar suggested that the QA team use Waldo as well. Team members find that the test automation software helps them understand what’s going on with the UI by providing insight to the logs, and the analytics. 

Even though Konfio has a QA team now, the engineers don't simply delegate the task of testing. They continue to employ shift-left testing with Waldo for every project they complete, which minimizes the burden on the QA team. 

“Our engineers have created a culture where unit testing, integration testing, everything that is related to testing, is part of our day-to-day,” Tovar said. 

Now that they’re using Waldo, Konfio has the confidence and peace of mind to create new features and make improvements. Tovar said, “It's like a friend who has our backs, telling us, ‘You're not breaking anything.’”


Reaching the highest standard of quality

Our engineers are more confident now that we’re using Waldo. They can focus on creating new features and making improvements because they have Waldo as backup to ensure credibility, stability and scalability.

Dinorah Tovar
Head of Mobile


Konfio is a 100% Mexican company. Its mission is to promote the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country, facilitating access to credit and payment, collection, and management tools. SMEs generate 70% of all jobs and Konfio is there to strengthen them. For eight years, it has helped its clients grow in sales and productivity without the need for long procedures, paperwork, or wait times.

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