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Automated end-to-end testing for Android developers

Eliminate bottlenecks in your development process, catch bugs early, and spend less time testing.

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Replicate user flows with our intuitive Recorder.

Waldo allows you to simply click through your app and create functional, end-to-end tests on the device configurations you need. You can even run tests concurrently across multiple device types to ensure your app works for every user.

Spend less time investigating bugs, more time fixing them.

Waldo helps you quickly identify bugs or unexpected behavior in your build, comparing your recent upload to your baseline test. Our Results Studio breaks down all of the findings for you and provides the critical information needed to diagnose the issue.

Work smarter, not harder by chaining your tests.

Gone are the days of re-recording Sign Ups as part of longer tests. With Waldo, you can chain your tests together: reusing individual tests as part of longer ones. Easily build and monitor all of these dependencies.

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