Test Creation

Take the pain out of automated end-to-end testing

The fastest way to create and maintain automated end-to-end tests so you can spend more time building new features.

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One flow, many tests

Create E2E, functional, and UI tests all in one click!

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Modular testing

Chain tests to create longer flows to reduce maintenance time

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Quick maintenance

Update tests as you build to keep them relevant

Replicate user flows with ease. Waldo understands your screen structure like no one else.

Build tests efficiently. Get back to doing what you love, building new features.

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Connect CI to automatically run tests on your latest build.

Trusted by leading iOS and Android developers
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I’ve been building iOS apps for a long time and it’s been difficult finding a way to build automated E2E tests. Waldo is definitely the most exciting automated testing tool I have ever seen for the iOS platform.

Rob Busack
iOS Engineer @ Ethos
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