Share and inspect your build in real time

Tap, type, swipe, scroll, rotate, and shake. Perform natural phone gestures to interact with your app in real time.

a 3d magnifying glass

Investigate issues in detail

Quickly run your app in any device configuration

a 3d deploy button

Collaborate as you build

Upload new builds and instantly share them with your team

a 3d iphone

Engage like a user

Play with your app as if a phone was in your hand

Sharing new builds should be exciting. Distribute new builds as soon as they are complete.

Wave goodbye to Charles Proxy. Analyze network requests, logs, and analytics events as you interact.

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We're able to ship a lot quicker in our release cycle. The amount of coverage that we have on the mobile app, it allows us to take those cases off of our manual team's plate.

Adam Blumberg
QA Manager
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