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Welcoming Android apps to Waldo!

Welcoming Android apps to Waldo!

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Mobile test automation that works!

Since our launch for iOS in July of last year, we’ve worked tirelessly to provide an amazing product experience for mobile teams. We’ve developed essential “quality of life” features that make testing on iOS easy and minimize our users’ time maintaining their tests.

Here are just a few examples of our customers’ experience:

  • Jumprope started with just 15 tests on Waldo. As of today, they’ve run +600k tests on 2,500 new builds!
  • Alltrails, before Waldo, had only 1 QA engineer scripting automated tests. Today Alltrails has +31k test runs on 600 new builds in 4 languages!
  • Keepsafe were doing manual testing once every two weeks before Waldo. Today they have +700 runs and reduce their weekly testing time by 90%!
  • Truebill used to have the whole engineering team and product manually QA-ing the app, After only 6 months they have over 13k test runs on 530 new builds!

Hey, what about my Android app?

Many of our customers struggle with Android testing, and rightfully so: with device and OS fragmentation, Android apps can quickly become a nest for bugs if not tested thoroughly. There’s always the option to automate using scripts. We understand that nobody got time for that, so we decided it was time.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Android support to Waldo!

In July, I was chatting with Pierre-Yves Ricau, Android tech lead at Square, about how Waldo could automate mobile tests without flakiness. Pierre-Yves, who has experienced other “no-code” testing platforms, decided to take Waldo for a test run and while on this joyride was determined to break it. You can discover more on his findings here, but in his own words,

“I changed my mind: no-code testing platforms don’t have to be brittle!”Pierre-Yves Ricau – Android tech lead at Square

Does Waldo work the same way it did on iOS?

You got that right:

  1. Record tests right in your browser: Upload your app file to Waldo and walk through it as you would on your phone.
Run tests
  1. Run your tests: Waldo reliably replays all recorded tests against every new version of your app, automatically.
  1. Fix issues: If a test fails, Waldo lets you know precisely where things went wrong so you can update the failed test or alert your team to fix the issue.

Think we can help take your app to the next level?

Waldo is now open for sign-ups for both iOS and Android platforms. Sign up for a free version or contact us to discover if Waldo can help you ship faster with fewer bugs.

Say goodbye to quality issues and say hello to faster release cycles.

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