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Keepsafe is a leader in cloud data security. Their encryption is among the most secure in the world, and since 2012, they've enabled their users to keep photos, apps, and browsing private.

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The Challenge

Keepsafe's QA was manual, tedious & time-consuming.

Keepsafe is a security app, which means they can't afford any regressions. Testing is super important to them and they need to make sure features in their app works as intended. There is also the added complexity of testing camera access and the device's photo gallery, which is virtually impossible to automate.

To tackle testing, their team would gather once every 3 weeks before release, pick up their own devices, and go through a spreadsheet with more than 500 end-to-end tests. Needless to say, they did not enjoy that much, but most importantly, they couldn't spend that precious time working on improving their product.

We used to spend a week going through regression testing.” Philipp Berner, CTO Keepsafe.

The Solution

Freeing up time for the team

In an ideal world, they wanted to move away from Manual QA so they could automatically test a majority of the app’s functionality. The solution to their problem needed to have reliable handling of the device to seize control of the camera, take photos, and populate the gallery. All of which are essential parts of their user experience.

With Waldo, we’re able to test anything around the gallery, which is key to us. without a single line of code" Philipp Berner, CTO Keepsafe

The Result

From a week to test the whole app, to two hours

Now that they use Waldo, Keepsafe can automatically manage their gallery with a deterministic population of assets. And after only a few weeks, Keepsafe was running 662 tests across iOS and Android covering 95% of their testing needs.

What used to take a week, now takes a couple of hours. And as of today, Keepsafe has run more than 460,000 tests, saving more than 1,000 hours of QA!

Now we run our full suite in a couple of hours, which gives our engineers more time to work on building new features or improving existing ones." - Philipp Berner, CTO Keepsafe

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