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October Product Updates

Clare Maher
Clare Maher
October Product Updates
October 3, 2022
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Waldo was built to power scalable, reliable, and functional end-to-end tests. That means more tests, faster, with less of a lift. 

Our team is always working to deliver new features and platform improvements based on customer feedback, market direction, and innovative use cases. 

Over the past month, we released several features focused on efficiency: helping customers leverage Waldo more efficiently and making the platform itself easier to use. 

Enhancements to API to allow selection of specific commits for your CI run. 

When you want to trigger a test run via our API, you might want to target a specific version of your app for a variety of reasons: testing a branch prior to merging with Main, directing specific tests at certain functions or features, etc. You can now do so by providing the corresponding git commit. Check out our documentation for more details. 

Added context to errors, buttons, and functions in the step modal.

Seeing the error in Waldo is one thing…getting to the heart of the issue is another. As you try to diagnose issues that resulted in a failed test, and fix them, you want to be able to take actions quickly and confidently. 

We have added tool-tips into your Waldo experience to explain what certain failures or warnings mean, explain what will happen as a result of taking an action (like re-recording), and directing users to documentation where helpful. 

Increase the number of device types you can test on to fight fragmentation.

Waldo officially supports iOS 16 on our Waldo Live feature, in addition to over 80 other configurations across both iOS and Android. Additionally, we have rolled out improvements to our screen recognition capabilities for Android devices. 

This expands the options for testing within the Waldo platform to ensure a consistent experience for users on any device.

Automated E2E tests for your mobile app

Waldo provides the best-in-class runtime for all your mobile testing needs.
Get true E2E testing in minutes, not months.

Reproduce, capture, and share bugs fast!

Waldo Sessions helps mobile teams reproduce bugs, while compiling detailed bug reports in real time.