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Get your mobile app test results sent straight to Slack!

Amine Bellakrid
Amine Bellakrid
Get your mobile app test results sent straight to Slack!
February 6, 2019
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We’re excited to share you can now have your mobile test results sent straight to Slack every time you push a new version of your app. That way, your entire team (or just key stakeholders – that’s up to you!) can see what changes have been made in real time or whenever they like—all without leaving the app they use the most.

Transparency and open communication are critical for any team, especially when working remotely. However, constantly updating team members can take precious time from your workflow. With our new Slack integration, you don’t have to even think about it. Once you push a change, the comparisons are ready in a give Slack channel for your teams’ viewing pleasure.

This can come especially handy if you have a stakeholder who likes to request changes in the 11th hour before shipping, as covered in experience four of the reasons why we built waldo.

How to set up your Slack integration

To set it up, simply head to “Integrations” in the settings of your Waldo account.

Give it a try!

Try our Slack integration today and save some time on reporting UX and UI changes with your team! If you’re not using waldo yet, request beta access today!

Automated E2E tests for your mobile app

Creating tests in Waldo is as easy as using your app!
Learn more about our Automate product, or try our live testing tool Sessions today.

Reproduce, capture, and share bugs fast!

Waldo Sessions helps mobile teams reproduce bugs, while compiling detailed bug reports in real time.