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November Product Updates

Clare Maher
Clare Maher
November Product Updates
November 3, 2022
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At Waldo, we believe that rigid testing frameworks are contradictory to the real purpose of testing: producing higher quality builds, fast. 

As a result, we are always working to make our testing platform more accommodating to our users, allowing them to build, deploy, and manage their test suite in a way that works for them. 

This month, our feature updates all focused on flexibility: making Waldo easier to manage and customize to your testing needs. 

Ability to view and edit variables used within your tests.

Previously, Waldo users did not have much insight or control over the variables being used in their tests. Once the variable was created, you could not easily edit it, or view each test it was being used in. 

Now, you can easily view all variables used in a testing flow, and make any necessary changes. Our new Variable Viewer shows you the status of each variable and allows you to make changes directly. 

To access the Viewer: go to your test runs page, click into the test you would like to view, and use the tab at the top left of the screen (next to Overview) to select “Variables”

From here, you can see which step the variable is used in (if it is active), the pattern the variable follows, if it is inherited, and make any required edits. 

Additionally: making a change to the variable at the parent test level will automatically update all instances in dependent tests with the same change. This should significantly simplify variable management for all current customers!

Customize the duration of long press interactions.

With Waldo’s previous standard press interaction duration, customers found it difficult to accommodate hidden menus or press and hold interactions within their testing flows. 

Long Press durations can now be customized: both during the initial recording of your test AND after the fact when updating interactions within an existing flow. 

To customize the duration of a long press when recording a test, click and hold on the button that you want the long press interaction to take place on, and a menu will pop up (as pictured below).  

To customize the long press duration after recording a test: simply click into the step where the long press takes place, and edit the interaction directly. 

Bonus announcement: Live Product Training

We also have a special update from outside of the platform itself (but very much product related). The Waldo Customer Success Team is kicking off a series of recurring Live Product Training sessions!

These sessions will cover every level of Waldo: increasing in depth and complexity as we continue the series. From Free Trial users who want to get the most out of the tool to seasoned Waldo veterans looking to level up their use, we will have something for everyone. 

Each session will include a live demo led by one of our CS members, followed by an open Q&A. All Waldo users should have received an email with the registration link.

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