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January 2023 Product Updates

Clare Maher
Clare Maher
January 2023 Product Updates
January 17, 2023
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New years bring talk of new beginnings, fresh starts, and renewal. 

Our team is particularly focused on the last one: renewal. After taking time off to celebrate various holidays with family and friends, to recharge and enjoy some sun (or trying to relax while stuck in some snow)...we are bringing renewed energy as we go back to our day to day. 

While we are charging into 2023 with a round of new releases, we are still laser focused on one thing: making mobile testing easy. 

Check out a rundown of all the latest product updates below! 

Streamlined navigation bar for every user. 

The navigation sidebar is charging into the new year with a facelift. We have rearranged the main nav to simplify the presentation, and make it easier to get where you need to go fast. 

Preview your changes when re-recording a test. 

Now, when you are re-recording a test, you will be presented with a step by step comparison of your original test and your new changes. 

This allows you to check that the re-recording addresses any issues you found with the original test, ensure your changes do not break the flow, and then save your changes. 

Work smarter, not harder, by duplicating tests. 

Users can now easily duplicate a test in Waldo, making it easier to begin building new test cases without starting from scratch. 

When you duplicate a test, all of the rules + variables used in the original will be carried into the duplicate by default, but can be adjusted if needed. Click here to visit the Help Center, and learn more about this feature.

Automated E2E tests for your mobile app

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Reproduce, capture, and share bugs fast!

Waldo Sessions helps mobile teams reproduce bugs, while compiling detailed bug reports in real time.