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Introducing UXArchive: Our gift to the mobile community

Introducing UXArchive: Our gift to the mobile community

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Inspiration drives the best products out there

As a product manager/designer, one of the most common issues we encounter when we are tasked to design a new flow is looking for inspiration. So back in the days, I would download cool apps on my phone, take screenshots, and organize them by user flows for inspiration. This process was manual and tedious… until launched 8 years ago.

Arthur Bodolec, Founder of UXArchive, and his team created a simple product to fuel creative juice, answering a simple question: How does Onboarding on Instagram looks like? How does Signup on Instacart looks like? …

Throughout the years, UXArchive became the leading destination for the mobile design and product community helping them stay up to date on what are the best mobile teams were shipping.

Even better, it helped the community refine, enhance, and reinvent the most successful user flows.

UXArchive is joining Waldo

Today, I am happy to announce that UXArchive is joining Waldo.

UXArchive Homepage

In Arthur’s words: “The team at Waldo shares our vision for helping mobile teams ship better apps for the end-users. When I created UXArchive, our process was manual and time-consuming, and as time went by, it became increasingly difficult to maintain and grow our library of user flows. With Waldo’s technology, this is not the case anymore, and I am happy that the mobile community gets to continue using UXArchive as the digital archive of how our mobile-focused world is organized.”

The world’s largest flow library… period

Thanks to the technology we developed at Waldo – the world’s first no-code testing platform – flows from the leading mobile apps are automatically kept up-to-date, at scale, making UXArchive the world’s largest library of users flows.

UXArchive Homepage

And we have exciting plans for the near future: iPad and Android support! So stay tuned!

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