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February 2023 Product Updates

Clare Maher
Clare Maher
February 2023 Product Updates
February 23, 2023
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The month of February usually comes with a lot of heart shaped candies and cards, and this month’s product updates are following suit by giving Waldo users lots to love! 

With improvements to account management controls, default device selection, and advanced features added to your test playback panel…there is something for everyone. 

Read more about these key updates below! 

New App Configuration controls for each of your apps. 

Located in the left sidebar navigation just above your user icon you will see a section of the menu devoted to the particular app page you are on in Waldo. Clicking here will take you to a streamlined menu to adjust specific default settings for the app.

You can now: 

  • Select the default device used to create baselines for your tests
  • Adjust the default screen similarity percentage applied to your tests
  • Set the default location your app is launched at
  • Add domains on your proxy bypass list 
  • Rotate your upload token

If you store multiple apps in Waldo, you can toggle between them to adjust these settings on an app by app basis. 

Select the default device used to create your baseline. 

Now, you can go into your App Configuration menu and select the device that will be used when recording baselines for your tests.

Setting your default device in Waldo

This can be applied per application: so if you have multiple applications you test in Waldo, you can navigate to Configurations in each app instance and adjust the device selection. Making changes to this baseline will impact current and future tests, but will not override changes you previously made by manually adjusting the Similarity Score within a test. 

Support for Home Button added alongside devices 

We have added a Home Button option alongside your virtual device that allow you to access the device’s home screen and Settings menu to adjust device conditions such as: 

  • Presenting in dark mode 
  • Adjusting the display size of text on the screen 
  • Adjusting other accessibility settings or features 

Iphone home screen access in Waldo

This will also support long pressing the app icon from the home screen of your device to reveal the menu of actions that should be displayed. 

Enhancements to the test replay device display. 

When watching a test run replay, you will now see attempted interactions reflected on the device and even see the device rotate when a rotation interaction is applied.

This should help improve your understanding of exactly what is occurring on each screen as Waldo progresses through your test. 

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