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December 27, 2022
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A proper mobile testing strategy should produce higher quality builds. 

That is our core belief at Waldo. Proper mobile testing solutions, by extension, should produce the same result! In order to do this, those solutions should: 

  • Allow you to test more of your application on more devices 
  • Test earlier in your development process 
  • Test more efficiently: taking less time & resources to reach total coverage 

We always orient our new features and product updates towards these core principles. 

2022 has been a big year for the Waldo Team, and we were able to add a lot of new features and improvements into the product that deliver these benefits to our customers. 

So, without further ado, here is Waldo’s product year in review! 

Easily add new device configurations to your account. 

Previously, Waldo Administrators had to go in and add additional device configurations to your account if you needed them updated, and we realized that wasn’t helping you test any faster. 

Now, customers are able to have access to all device configurations supported by Waldo in their account to select for test runs. If you need to add another configuration, provided it is available for your account, you will be able to do so. Our device selector will show you all available OS for the device type you choose to make setup simple and error free. 

Want to learn more about optimizing your device coverage without increasing your maintenance lift or test run duration? Check out this Help Article

View and edit variables used across your tests.

Previously, Waldo users did not have much insight or control over the variables being used in their tests. Once the variable was created, you could not easily edit it, or view each test it was being used in. 

Now, you can easily view all variables used in a testing flow, and make any necessary changes. Our new Variable Viewer shows you the status of each variable and allows you to make changes directly.

From here, you can see which step the variable is used in (if it is active), the pattern the variable follows, if it is inherited, and make any required edits. 

Additionally: making a change to the variable at the parent test level will automatically update all instances in dependent tests with the same change. This significantly reduces the maintenance lift around variables for all customers. 

Improvements to the screen similarity algorithm for better scoring. 

Your similarity score should reflect the end-user’s observation of a screen. We have fine tuned the similarity algorithm to only take into account characteristics that are visible to the human eye (e.g. text, size, shape, position). 


Previously, Waldo would also rely on some invisible attributes (such as accessibilityIds) to calculate the score, and this was not as helpful for teams when it came to quickly identifying the reason behind a similarity score change.

With these updates, you should not see the similarity score drop unless there are noticeable UI changes. 


Review and analyze test results in our Results Studio.

Often, screenshots alone are not enough to diagnose a bug in your test. With Waldo’s Results Studio, you can view a replay of your entire testing flow, alongside step-by-step results. 

Click into specific steps to view additional details, watch Waldo attempt to navigate the flow in your playback screen, and view the duration of each attempted interaction. 



Last but not least…thank you for making 2022 such a great year!

We had several new customers join Waldo throughout the year. We appreciate you joining us on this journey! To our longstanding partners, thank you for continuing to innovate with us. 

If you are not currently a Waldo customer (but like what you are reading) you can test these features for free! Start your free trial today by clicking here. 

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