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Create, run, and maintain fully functional, automated, E2E mobile tests
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Automating tests in Waldo is as easy as using your app.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any other questions - please get in touch!
What frameworks do you support?
Waldo supports most leading frameworks, native or hybrid, including: 
- Objective-C
- Swift 
- SwiftUI
- React native
- Expo
- Ionic
- Flutter
- Cordova 
- Android Compose
What CI tools do you integrate with?
We can integrate with most CI providers, and have instructions for custom uploads available as well. CI tools we have supported for customers include:
- App Center
- Bitrise
- Circle CI
- Fastlane 
- GitHub Actions
- Travis CI
- Xcode Cloud
- Waldo CLI
Who can access Replays of my automated tests?
Any member of your organization can access these Replays, making it easy to share these artifacts with your team.
Can a non-technical QA team use Waldo?
Yes, Waldo was built for technical or non-technical users to be able to build and maintain an automated test suite.
What type of build file should I upload on Waldo?
Check out this article walking you through build file requirements.

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