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Quickly build out automated tests.

Our visual test recorder allows you to navigate through a user flow in our emulators + simulators to record a fully functional test in minutes.

  • A fresh device for every test to ensure optimal performance

  • Access to simulated camera, Apple Pay, variable generators

  • Start automating in minutes, not months

Go beyond pixel perfect comparisons & screenshots.

Waldo's proprietary screen analysis understands the structure of each screen in your app, and how the present elements relate to one another...just like an end user would.

  • View build replays in any language, configuration or resolution

  • Instant replay of all test runs

  • Works with leading frameworks and even hybrid app webviews

Provide teams with the information they need to debug.

Every test run generates a full playback of the device session to help you visually identify issues within the user flow.

  • Watch your test runs back in real time

  • Click into specific steps to compare side by side with your baseline

  • Download and share crash logs from each test run

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AllTrails empowers their developers to own the testing process and better collaborate with manual QA

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Share and interact with your build in real time.

Upload your app file and move through any build version of your app as though the device was in your hand: no code or test building required.

  • Instant access to clean devices

  • Devices available in every language, OS, and configuration supported

  • Network logs and the build can be shared for immediate testing

Let Waldo handle the infrastructure and tooling.

Scalable, automation infrastructure out of the box. Waldo helps development teams start automating in minutes.

  • Multi-concurrency testing model to scale device coverage while reducing testing time

  • Clean simulator or emulator devices for every test, no setup required

  • Integrate directly with your CI/CD to trigger tests upon upload, on pull requests, or even specific branches

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Waldo has reimagined how mobile testing should be done. We get all the benefits of automation, without the hassle of scripting, and the whole team feels much more confident in the code we ship to our users.

Idris Mokhtarzada
CTO @ Rocket Money
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