Manage your tests in minutes, not hours

Mobile test creation and maintenance does not have to be time consuming and waste resources. With Waldo, you can manage your test suite in a fraction of the time that it takes using traditional scripting methods.

A script-less solution to test continuously

Create end-to-end tests in minutes using an intuitive platform so your developers spend more time building new features.

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Intuitively record tests

Just click through your app to create functional tests. Waldo understands the expected behavior and the right time to attempt the next interaction.

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Modular test bits

Reuse existing tests to create your longer flow, while keeping maintenance cost down. No more going through your sign up flow 1,001 times.

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3-click UI validation

Waldo understands your screen structure and breaks it down for you. You can select texts and boxes to assert in a couple clicks.

"I’ve been building iOS apps for a long time and it’s been difficult finding a way to build automated tests for UI. A lot of other companies I’ve worked at have just thrown up their hands and had to do all manual testing. Waldo is definitely the most exciting automated UI testing tool I have ever seen for the iOS platform."

Rob Busack

iOS Engineer at Ethos
maintain your automated mobile tests

Visually identify issues and maintain your tests

Use the intuitive visual runs dashboard that everyone can understand to quickly identify issues and share your findings.

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Quick review

See your results side-by-side with your expected behavior and quickly identify the problematic step.

actionable signals

Clear debugging signals

Remove common communication bottlenecks and bug reproduction issues. Use logs and crash reports to quickly investigate code errors.

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Lightning fast maintenance

Keep your test always up-to-date. You can update interactions, assertions, and wait time, all in one-click.

Accelerate your quality feedback loop

Test fast and reliably. Waldo integrates into your development cycle to let you release at the velocity
you want.

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CI Integrations

Connect Waldo with your CI. Upload your build and run your tests, automatically.

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Run concurrency

Run your tests in parallel, as fast as you’d like. Your existing tests can even run on multiple configurations at the same time.

Accessible results

Accessible results

Get your results where it matters most. Access them from Github, Slack or Email to optimize your time.

Protect your test suite against flakiness

Waldo’s behavioral replay engine can handle your app’s dynamic screen, variations in load time and other common flakiness issues.

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Behavioral replays

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No scripting

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Flakiness detection

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And even more...

inspect mobile network request and logs

Your mobile app inspector

Load any device configuration, interact with your app and inspect your logs, network request and analytics on the fly.

Seamlessly works with the tools you love

From your favorite programming language to your CI tool of choice, Waldo plays nice with others.

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Say goodbye to quality issues and say hello to faster release cycles.

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