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Waldo has reimagined how mobile testing should be done. We get all the benefits of automation, without the hassle of scripting and the whole team feels much more confident in the code we ship to our users.

Idris Mokhtarzada
Rocket Money

The Challenge

One bug can directly impact Rocket Money's bottom line

After a successful series B round in late 2019, Rocket Money (formerly known as Truebill) was growing quickly thanks to frequent updates to their personal finance app. The app connects directly and shares critical financial information with user's banking institutions. It also includes some in-app purchases that can't be easily automated without heavy engineering.

So, Rocket Money gets more users, that's great! But with great power, come great responsibilities (🕷). Any bug can have a direct impact on Rocket Money's bottom line. To prevent this risk, Idris, CTO at Rocket Money, and his team ship updates quickly to continuously improve stability and functionalities. It was important for them to automate tests to ensure frequent updates to the code didn't break core functionalities. The solution needed to let the engineering team focus on growth, which eliminated scripting early. Who has time to write and maintain code supposed to test the code. Because then the question becomes: who tests the code that tests the code?...Food for thoughts.

The Solution

Using no-code to automatically test core flows like in-app purchase many times daily

Rocket Money used to have the entire engineering and product team manually testing the app. They used Waldo to quickly automated tests for their core flows, and the engineering team was soon back to focusing on delivering quality updates. Gone are the days of manually going through in-app purchases and the same other flows, over and over again. Waldo does that for them automatically on every commit to master.

The Result

Shipping new high quality updates frequently with confidence

After only a few weeks, Rocket Money completed their CI integration for all their core functionalities, even the hard ones like in-app purchase. They can run more tests in less time, without the intervention of engineers - it only takes about 20 minutes. Which means engineers can push more code to master and let Waldo test the app multiple times per day: they receive quick feedback on their work-in-progress and it lets the team know when something goes wrong.

After only 9 months of using Waldo, Rocket Money has run its suite more than 600 times, and was able to catch many visual bugs and functional issues with their in-app purchases.


The whole team feels much more confident in the code we ship to our users.

Idris Mokhtarzada


Rocket Money makes it easy for their users to optimize spending, manage subscriptions, lower bills, and stay on top of their financial health.

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