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Since we integrated Waldo with our CI, each build of our app is automatically tested

Travis Johnson

The Challenge

Scripting end-to-end tests is flaky

Users rely on Jumprope to create user-generated content. The Jumprope team deploys small updates every day and needs to monitor how they impact the product: realistically, this can't be done manually, especially at that frequency.

Travis, CTO at Jumprope, thought about scripting but already knew how painful it would be to implement, especially with Jumprope's content changing every minute – it would make their mobile test scripts extremely flaky. Besides, Jumprope is a React Native app, which is famously difficult to automate.

The Solution

Non-technical QA manager automates tests and catch more bugs

Up to that point, the team was moonlight testing, all hands on deck testing as much as they could without dedicated resources. Jenny joined the Jumprope team to ensure high-quality standards for their app. All they needed now was a tool to help her easily create tests and communicate issues to fix with engineers.

The Result

250+ iOS & Android tests running 5 times a day

With support from the Waldo team, Jenny was able to quickly set up and single-handedly create 250+ tests across iOS and Android, with zero coding experience! They run them at least once daily in less than 1 hour on real devices and are catching many functional, API, UI bugs, and crashes. When it happens, the Github integration allows Jenny to quickly assign issues found in Waldo to engineers.


I can create an automated reliable test in a couple of minutes. We virtually have all our functional tests handle by Waldo, so I have more time to focus on other quality issues that require my attention.

Jenny Sudnitsyna
QA Manager


Jumprope empowers creators to share their craft with “Wikihow-style”, short tutorial videos on how to do just about anything in life!

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